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“Mrugaya” in Sanskrit means Shikar or Hunt. It may sound an unlikely name for a place which promotes eco-tourism and environmental awareness. Home to hunter turned conservationist, Mr. Ajit Rangnekar and his naturalist son Parag, Mrugaya was a summer retreat for the family with hunting and fishing for the pot a favourite outdoor activity. This journey from hunters to seasoned conservationists has not been less than a hunt in search of their inner soul. The father – son duo has witnessed the dwindling forest cover and wildlife over the years and has zealously protected the patch of forest surrounding their home, turning it into a virtual oasis.

Mrugaya also refers to the pursuit of truth or the hunt for your inner soul. At Mrugaya, nestled within a grove of forest away from the hustle bustle of the “touristy” Amboli, you get to do exactly that. In a fast changing Amboli, Mrugaya has maintained its rustic ambience and gives one a glimpse of the Amboli of yesteryears. Quiet and secluded, it offers you the solitude that one yearns to have in a place like Amboli. Wake up to bird calls, listen to the pitter-patter of the rain, watch the fog descend or just laze on the patio with a book in hand. There is no better place than Mrugaya for the hunt within.


The moment you step into our property, you are cut off from the “touristy Amboli” but centrally located from all the important locations.

With three rooms and one independent cottage, each with their individual sit-outs, the home is a perfect family destination. The open patio is a delight for the children. The rustic interiors give you a feel of the traditional family home while not compromising on the much needed modern luxuries. The restrooms, though western styled will remind you of the traditional bathroom. The sit-outs below trees, hammocks, inhouse natural history library, all add to the experience that Mrugaya is.

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“There is no AC, no TV, no phone or internet connection; nothing to distract you from enjoying nature to its fullest.”


The umbilical relationship shared by man with nature is increasingly getting stretched and is on the verge of breaking. The modern man finds himself disconnected from his roots. To find peace people visit the hills and the forests to be one with nature. Unfortunately, such places too with increasing mass tourism do not provide the much needed solace.

At Mrugaya we try and remove barriers between you and nature. We provide you a platform to not only enjoy your holiday but also make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy, which is the essence of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. It is our endeavour to rejuvenate and revitalized your spirits just by being at Mrugaya.